About our story

RABBITFEET is an international e-commerce company. Our company mainly focuses on creating different series of mystery boxes, also provides fashion items such as men's fashion, women's fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, and electronic products., etc. RabbitFeet mainly aims at the market of Europe, the United States, Australia, and the Middle East. Our brand was established in 1999 and has been adhering to the concept of “Experience the charm of world”. Our business covers more than 60 countries and regions worldwide.

一. About our Brand Culture

Brand slogan: Be tolerant to diversity,Search for valuable products from all over the world.

Brand mission: keep abreast with the world tendency. Continue to innovate to meet customer needs.

Brand Vision: To create a mysterious fantasy world.

Brand Core value: Connect the world in mysterious and new ways


二.Why Choose us?

1.Supply chain- Our products- Different from the traditional e-commerce model,our relationship with suppliers is more like a friend helping each other. Our products come from all over the world,our founder Katherine has made many good friends in various countries and regions during her travels around the world, and has maintained good relations with them till now. Therefore,we can get the lowest price and provide the best quality assurance.


2.Transportation - Our transportation-Our brand has a strong influence in Europe market and also has great distribution advantages. We have long-term good relationship with warehouses and logistics suppliers. Accordingly, we can provide the lowest cost and the fastest logistics speed to our customer.


3.Marketing-Our brand has been established for more than 20 years so far, serving tens of thousands of customers. Customer recognition is the mainstay quality assurance for us.


三.Inspiration source of the brand foundation

Katherine is the daughter of the owner of a glass workshop in Germany. She has an ebullient and yearning for freedom since childhood. As the only daughter in the family, her father Matteo is very fond of her. She has grew up in the countryside, and saw bright fire in the kitchen,white storks in the sky, and rabbits in the jungle. But she has always had a dream in her heart to travel around the world and explore new things. So Katherine decided to take her luggage and started traveling around the world when she was 18 years old. Although Matteo doesn’t want Katherine to leave, he still supported his daughter's dream and put on a rabbit feet-necklace for her daughter before leaving. In response to the old European proverb "You've got a rabbit's foot To keep away de hoo-doo."

During Katherine's travels around the world, she has seen the lights raised by the Statue of Liberty, the galloping elephants on the savannah, and the snow above the Himalayas. Since Katherine grew up in a workshop, although yearns for freedom, she still has a great interest in goods and crafts from all over the world. She has seen the filigree inlay technology spread from ancient times and the latest 3D printing technology. She has experienced the efficiency of Japanese refined production, and the joyful atmosphere of Canadian craftsmen; Also she has experienced the greatness of industry and the romance of handicraft.

After many years of travel, Katherine returned to her hometown after learning that her father was seriously ill. After her father passed away, Katherine faced many difficulties. But she overcame the difficulties with her courage and the care of her family. Years of traveling experience have matured her mind, she wants to become a brave and kind person like her father. Due to her previous travel experiences,Katherine has made many good friends in various countries and regions , and has maintained good relations with them till now. Therefore, she hopes to set up a website dedicated to searching for products from all over the world, so that those who can't go out of their hometown can also buy novel things from all over the world and broaden their horizons. Katherine used the rabbit feet that her father gave her before her trip as the website brand's name to honor her father and also hope to share this luck with more people.

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