Newcomers must see: Platform rules and gameplay

There is a red diamond button on our home page, click "Join us", it can register a member, after registering a member, you can accumulate points and redeem coupons to purchase, all the operations about points are in this diamond entrance.

Member points earning method

Firstly, Our platform implements member point system. New users can get 5,000 points by registering as a member. Members can get points for each successful order, €1=100 points, 500 points for sharing once. Secondly, 5,000 points can be exchanged for a €5 unlimited coupon, 10,000 points can be exchanged for a €15 coupon, 20,000 points can be exchanged for a €30 coupon, and 50,000 points can be exchanged for a €80 coupon. Thirdly, If you are willing to recommend our website to your friends, they will get a €5 unlimited coupon and you will also get a €5 coupon.

Beginner buying Mystery box Steps

Step 1: Register for membership, collect 5000 points and redeem coupons €5.

Step 2: Copy coupon code.

Step 3: Select the mystery box and create the order.

Step 4: make a wish in the "Special Instruction",

              Paste coupon code and click on “Apply”.

Step 5: Pay the order with paypal or credit card.

Step 6: Wait for your happiness to come.

Step 7: Share with your friends to earn discounts.

We try our best to choose what you want, but as there are many orders every day, we can't make every one as accurate as you want, but please keep loving Rabbitfeet, we won't let you down.

More preferential schemes

Plan 1: Successful order, you can get points, €1=100 points

           Successfully shared on social media, you can get 500 points,

           Points can be redeemed for coupons.

Plan 2: Subscribe and receive a coupon worth €5 in your email.

Plan 3: Share it with friends, they get a €5 coupon and you get a €5 coupon.

Plan 4: Get more coupons:

             Receive the box you like and comment on it.

             Share on social media

            (Facebook,ins,tictok,pinterest,youtube,twitter,tumblr etc.) @rabbitfeet.

             Contact us and we'll send you a surprise coupon based on your release.