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Scan this code to start a WhatsApp chat with Rabbitfeet-lucky boxes. Follow our official tiktok for the latest benefits.

Scan this code to start a WhatsApp chat with Rabbitfeet-lucky boxes. Follow our official tiktok for the latest benefits.

Let us know if you have any questions. You can also send an email to service@rabbitfeetboxes.com

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What is a Mystery Box?

A mystery box is actually what we used to call a miracle bag. The manufacturers and retailers from various industries such as beauty, home, clothing, Daily necessities, toys, etc. pack various articles in the mix in the bags.

It is guaranteed that the surprise box contains more value than you pay for the box. The items were randomly grouped.

Mystery is a big part of the experience you never know exactly what you'll get, only that you're guaranteed to get more than what you actually paid.

Our goal: To surprise and delight you with the highest value!   

I want to buy a box, immediately

Our Mystery Box experiences

About our story - Why was this platform created?

How the journey began for us:  Mystery boxes? What's that!

To be honest, I thought the mystery box was a scam until I accidentally saw a live stream of mystery box unpacking on TikTok. I immediately ordered a mystery box for only 20 €.

These are said to have been particularly sought after at this time. Perhaps one reason that the boxes were only offered in a few stores. The other reason: the demand was extremely high.

And then I realized that I was totally obsessed with the happiness of the mystery box, but the contents of the box didn't surprise me enough, so I decided to make a mystery box that would make people really happy and get gifts worth the money.

In the past few years, I have been searching for good goods from all over the world, setting up overseas warehouses, and buying high-quality goods in large quantities based on the principle of large quantity and good price, so that customers can enjoy the good goods of high value at low box prices.

I hope Rabbitfeet fans really enjoy the surprise and value of the mystery box.

What was in the box and what did it cost?

Our products are sourced from all over the world. You may see the same products on Amazon, ebay, AliExpress and other platforms, because our overseas warehouses also supply the same products to various platforms. We give back to our fans in the form of mysterious boxes with low prices. 

The general categories are household, clothing, footwear, daily necessities, toys, hardware and so on

The items were randomly grouped. It is guaranteed that the surprise box contains more value than you pay for the box.

What are the differences in mystery boxes?

Each box has a different price, the corresponding product value and product quantity will be different, beginners can try from the box of €19.99 or €29.99, many loyal fans will regularly buy back the box of €49.99 and €99.99, the value and happiness will be more, no matter which box, remember to make a wish in the note!

Also on ebay and Amazon, the offers of surprise boxes with various contents, they are expensive and have bad reviews. Here you can get a higher value box!

Let yourself be surprised!Of course, it's the case that you don't necessarily need all things – but "having is better than needing", right?


Thank you for the trust

Thank you for the trust

I'm addicted to it! I started with Standard Edition Mystery boxes for €19.99 because I discovered them on TikTok. There was always good stuff in it, well above the price of the box too. I went on to buy many more boxes, hope I'm lucky !! ——A little fan