April Fool's box - Get your present
April Fool's box - Get your present
April Fool's box - Get your present
April Fool's box - Get your present

April Fool's box - Get your present

This is an April Fool's mystery box. Try your luck!
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This is a Easter Mystery Box

The lucky box of this month

€19.99   Easter Box(Worth €30- €300)

Rabbitfeet is a mystery box brand, you don't know what's in the box, but that's the surprise.

Don't ask me what's in the box, It's something that makes you suddenly happy!

Mystery is a big part of the experience you never know exactly what you'll get, only that you're guaranteed to get more than what you actually paid.

Our goal:To surprise and delight you with the highest value     

The gift you receive is definitely worth more than the price!

This is a happy and exciting game!

Get your Easter mystery box today!

About the packaging of the box: we will not pack the box delicately, we will use the reused cartons in the warehouse to pack, so as to achieve environmental protection and reuse. Those who have bought the box will find that the value of the products in the box is much higher than the price. You can know that we do not make money from selling the box, but only for the welfare of our fans and public welfare. So I hope you don't mind the packaging of the box. Thank you for your understanding!

About US

Our warehouses are located all over Europe and are specially supplied to various platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress. The boxes you buy are the products sold on these platforms.The goods in the warehouse are updated quickly, which will also produce a lot of tail goods. These goods are very good, but the quantity is small, so it is difficult to sell them to B-end merchants. We sell them in the form of blind boxes to achieve the purpose of reducing inventory. We don't make money on this project, we only hope to accumulate fans and return more welfare to fans. That's why our boxes are guaranteed to be worth every penny. You can rest assured to buy.
There are more categories in the warehouse, such as home appliances, digital 3C, household goods, bags and clothing, etc., as long as you can now see the products on the platform may have, the warehouse will be random pick, but can ensure that the value is higher than the price.

Box contains

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